πᾶς ὅρμος Panormus

Founded in 734 BC by the Phoencians as Zyz, Palermo then became a possession of Carthage. Two Greek colonies were established, known collectively as Panormos; the Carthaginians used this name on their coins after the 5th century BC. As Panormus, the town became part of the Roman Republic and Empire for over a thousand years. Noted for its blend of culture, cuisine architecture and hidden treasures, playing an important role throughout much of its existence; it is over 2,700 years old but it looks younger every year. Move South then. Enjoy being Traveller or Permanent Resident. 


Younger Every Year

Come over to live in the Sun. Stunning Locations to visit and buy in Sicily.


Palermo The Place to Be


Beach, please.


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is in the air + in long-term generosity

Made in Palermo


Vases // Cachepots // Screens // to arrange both Indoor + Outdoor places with local plants


Select scents btwn Oak / Chestnut / Maple / Pinewood for Bookshelf or Altars to show your own Recollections


Brass Sconces // Brass Floor and Ceiling Lamp // Stools //Tiffany Glass Pendant Light. All Made in Palermo