MAKEOVER IN SICILY                    
Renovate Restart Refine Restore Rewrite Rethink 

How to buy and renovate a house to start living dreamy stunning South Italy ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;:: 
Craftsmanship Carpentry Metalworking meets Industrial Design+VintageFind :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Living Room and Tailored Kitchen

/ //////  Palazzo Sant'Isidoro Leftover Palermo Studio  ////////
2013-onwards  /////  Piano Nobile Place Elevation  ///// Couch Armchairs Pennyboard Vases Vintage Find Bespoke Kitchen Shelves Stool Dining Table  //// Bauwerk Wallpaint

Below: Moleskine Detour Archive notebooks Shelf from an old plow find ////Stacking chairs Roland Rainer 1951 Officina Antiquaria// Leftover mini Signature Stool

Signature table + Iconic mid-century set of dining chairs 

Leftover Dining Table + Stacking Chairs Roland Rainer 1951

Mezzanine Breakfast Bed 

Set on stunning ceiling Castillo Marquise Palazzo Sant'Isidoro 2009-2020 more than a b&b  luxurysuite

Vintage Furniture+CraftDesign 

Made to measure Concrete Bath Tub 2,81 mt long Aunt Nina velvet armchair upholstered // French mirrors and Bellora linens  Moroccan Tiles and vintage Alarm clock           

All Furniture Made to Measure Handcrafted in Italy  + Vintage find
Furniture and Lighting mix Interiors by Leftover+Sour

<take your pleasure seriously>  C. Eames


Tailored Marble Lavastone CEA Taps

Diagonal always / Raw materials


Bespoke Sinks GESSI Taps
Homeware Accessories Features
Lighting made to measure


Restoring Sicilian tiles and keeping alive Capitonnè mattress heritage crafted in Palermo